Brooklyn Man Attacks Family With Meat Cleaver During Argument Over Presidential Election

A heated family argument over the presidential election ended with a Brooklyn man attacking his whole family with a meat cleaver Saturday (Nov. 12) night. The drunken fight broke out after brothers Maurice and Dwight Braswell began debating over why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in her latest bid for the White House.

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Apparently, 49-year-old Maurice had a little too much Hennessy during the argument, and was clearly frustrated over Trump’s victory. According to the New York Daily News, he hit his brother with a chair before upgrading to a meat cleaver, when family members dared to intervene.

Among the four family members slashed was a 25-year-old niece, who lost a thumb in the melee.

Yvonne Braswell — mother of both men — needed 17 stitches after the fight. She later explained that while her sons grew up “bickering,” the meat cleaver attack was a bit much.

“It’s been a long time since they went this far,” said Yvonne.

She also pointed out that neither of the men are Donald Trump supporters, and admitted to not being sure about the family celebrating Thanksgiving this year. “I don’t know now,” she said adding, “Other than that, I have great sons.”

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