Michael Che Breaks Down The Problem With “All Lives Matter” In Hilarious Netflix Skit

It was previously announced that comedian Michael Che was getting his own comedy special on Netflix, titled “Michael Che Matters,” and after watching this exclusive, first clip, audiences are definitely in for a good laugh. In addition to bringing the much-needed comedy relief, Che also provides some very valid points about current social movements.

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During the nearly 2-minute clip from the Netflix special, the SNL actor talks about the problem with the “All Lives Matter” supporters. “They don’t tell you black lives don’t matter. That’s not what they say; that’s not the argument,” he said. “They hit you with that slick sh*t, like, ‘well all lives matter.’ Really, semantics?” He followed with a funny example of how that idea applies to everyday life. “That would be like if your wife came up to you and was like, ‘do you love me?’ And you were like, ‘baby, I love everybody. What are you talking about? I love all God’s creatures. You’re no different.”

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He finished up the segment of his skit, commenting on other struggles the black community is faced with. “Why do black people have to get over sh*t so quickly,” he jokingly asked. “Slavery. ‘That was 400 years ago.’ Segregation. ‘You guys got Black History Month out of it.’ Police shooting. ‘That was two weeks, come on, you still…?’ 9/11. ‘Oh, never forget.'”

Netflix has been popping out solid comedy specials for some time now. Prior to Che’s episode, the streaming service announced that Dave Chappelle made a deal to do three specials with them. Past comedy skits have also included Eddie Murphy, Hannibal Buress, Aziz Ansari, and more.

The “Michael Che Matters” comedy special premieres on Netflix on Nov. 25. In the meantime, check out the exclusive clip here.