Michelle Obama Breaks Her Silence On Our Hopes For Her 2020 Presidential Run

Ever since Donald Trump was determined to be the 45th President of the United States, many understandably scared civilians have tweeted, posted and pleaded for current First Lady Michelle Obama to throw her hat into the ring for a 2020 bid. The hashtag #Michelle2020 even trended on Twitter for a while after the election results made headlines.

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My friends, it’s looking like our dreams of another President Obama aren’t very likely. FLOTUS shut down the possibility of a Presidential run during an event for homeless Veterans in Washington D.C.. During her speech, a member of the audience yelled “run for President!” to which Mrs. Obama responded: “You be quiet back there.” She said it pretty seriously in tone, too, before chuckling.

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We’ve got four more years to try and figure out how to change her mind, but for now, let’s just accept it. Besides, not many women can say that they are pretty much the coolest First Lady in U.S. history.