#NotMyPresident: Voters Planning March On Washington In Protest Of Donald Trump

While many people continue to grieve over Donald Trump’s victory, millions of voters have decided to turn that anger into a massive protest. Women voters and anti-Trump supporters are reportedly joining together to plan a “Women’s March on Washington” in protest of Trump’s presidency the day after Inauguration Day.

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The March on Washington, which was formally dubbed the “Million Women March” will reportedly kick off on January 21, and will invite voters to gather at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C., and march up to the White House, according to the official Facebook page. The march is reportedly inclusive, and welcomes all minorities, immigrants,  genders, and anyone who believes in the equal rights for all to the movement. In addition to rallying in D.C., voters can also participate in the protest in most states including New York, Illinois, Georgia, and, more.

The massive protest is a direct response to the shocking outcome of the election as well as taking a stand against Trump’s racist and sexist speech that he used during his entire presidential campaign. Only two days after the Facebook page was published, more than 100K people showed interest in joining the movement, while 300K others shared the invite with their followers.

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The March on Washington is just one of many protests planned around the country. Smaller rallies, which have broken out in states like New York, California, and Oregon continue to hit the streets with signs and chants expressing their fears and frustrations with the election results.