Authorities To Investigate Mother Who Kicked Son Out For Supporting Trump In School Election


When this elementary school student came home and shared with his mother that he voted for Donald Trump in a pseudo-election, she decided to teach him a lesson that has now landed her in the middle of a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation.

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According to KHOU, once authorities viewed the viral video of the mother packing her crying son’s suitcase and kicking him out of her home, a detective visited the family to investigate the boy’s wellbeing. Although the mother revealed that it was a joke, CPS and Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office will continue their inquiry.

In an interview with the news station, neighbor Mike Terry didn’t side with the parent’s disciplinary actions. “I can’t believe a mother would go against her son like that and put her kid through that much trauma,” he said. “That’s awful.”

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Within the video that has amassed over a million views on YouTube, the mom repeatedly asks her son why would he vote for Trump, to which he answered that he sees the 70-year-old on television often. “Since you voted for Trump, you can get your sh*t and get out,” the mother said. She later called him a “Donald Trump lover.”

Authorities also deemed that upon viewing the video, no criminal wrongdoing is evident.