Muslim Student Threatened For Wearing Hijab After Trump Victory

It’s only been a few days since Donald Trump became president elect, and the same hateful speech that drove his campaign to victory, has continued to drive his supporters to commit hateful acts on fellow Americans. One muslim student at the University of Michigan claims she received death threats for wearing a hijab Friday. (Nov. 11)

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According to a Michigan public safety and security alert, a student was told that she would be set on fire on if she did not removed her hijab. “A student was approached by an unknown man, who demanded she remove her hijab or he would set her on fire with a lighter. She complied and left the area,” the alert stated. The Ann Arbor Police noted the man was white and in his 20s or 30s with an athletic build. They are still investigating the incident.

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This hate crime is unfortunately one of many incidents breaking out around the country. Others have included threats to African-Americans and other Americans of color as well as the LGBTQ.