In-Depth Map Reveals Election Results In Each New York City Borough

As most of us are trying to grasp the idea that Donald Trump is going to be our future president, one might wonder how the votes were calculated, particularly in the metropolis of New York City. In 2012, Barack Obama had 81 percent of New Yorkers’ votes. This year however, the numbers have gone down by two percent when Democrat Hillary Clinton received 79 percent of New Yorkers’ vote.

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The breakdown of how each borough voted:

1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn had the overall highest votes for Clinton with an outstanding number of 595, 086 compared to Trump’s votes, which were 133,653.


Manhattan had a high amount of votes for Clinton as well, 515,481. Trump’s numbers for Manhattan were totaled at 58,935.


Queens voted in favor of Clinton with the votes totaling 473,289. Trump’s votes were counted as 138,550.


Staten Island seemed to be the only borough in favor of Trump. Clinton had a total of 67,561 votes in comparison to Trump’s 95,612.


Clinton had a total of 318,403 votes in the Bronx in comparison to Trump’s votes of 34,424.

To see the extensive map, check it out on DNAInfo.