White House Petition Demands Obama Free Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera

Oscar López Rivera is a political prisoner who was sentenced to 55 years in a federal prison for seditious conspiracy, use of force to commit robbery, interstate transportation of firearms, and conspiracy to transport explosives with intent to destroy government property. Rivera is a nationalist and a leader of Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN), and the people of Puerto Rico are calling for POTUS to finally free Rivera, who’s spent much of his imprisonment in solitary confinement.

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The White House petition today surpasses 50,000 signatures, but still needs approximately 45,698 more by Dec. 11 in order for Obama to formally address the request. If a petition meets 100,000 signatures in a 30 day period, then the White House must provide an official update within 60 days.

The demand for Rivera’s freedom is something that has been asked for since the beginning of his incarceration. The Clinton administration in 1999 offered him parole under specific terms, which he denied, because the same was not extended to his FALN partner.

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On October 9, 2016, Puerto Ricans gathered across the street from the White House asking for the freedom of Oscar López Rivera. Help make their voices count, sign the petition today here.