Oregon High School Student Says She Found Racist Notes In Her Binder


An Oregon girl who claims she’s the only black female student studying at Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences (CAIS) in Oregon City, OR has repeatedly found racist notes in her books, according to KATU.

15-year-old freshman Joy Simmons, who is studying engineering, first noticed that someone wrote the n-word in her binder before she took a test in class about two weeks ago.

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“…I immediately went to the office and called my mom and she came in and talked to the principal,” she told reporters. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. Before Thanksgiving break, Simmons had encountered another racist incident.

“It was before school in the morning,” she continued. “I was getting ready to finish up some homework and it was sitting there right in front of my binder. It just fell out. It said, ‘Go back to Africa, n***er.'”

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Joy has not come back to school since the incidents, and her mother wants the school to open an outside investigation into who is responsible for these notes.

Michael Clark, a district spokesperson, wrote to the news station, “The Oregon City School District will be consulting with outside agencies to ensure that we fulfill our obligation to adequately address this incident. It is our duty to provide a safe learning environment for all students and we welcome the assistance of community partners.”

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