Paperboy Arrested For Trafficking Marijuana During Delivery Route

A contracted employee of a Buffalo, New York newspaper was arrested after it was discovered he was selling drugs during a paper route.

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Ironically, it was the newspaper itself–The Buffalo News--that reported the crime on Monday (Nov. 28). Douglas Lukehart was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of marijuana,  vehicle and traffic violations. Several tips to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office claimed someone was selling mary jane on their morning delivery route. Police pulled over Lukehart and with the help of a K-9, they found the drugs in a stack of newspapers.

The company released a statement distancing themselves from Lukehart. “This person was an independent contractor and not an employee of The News,” a News spokesman said. “The News separately contracts with many delivery persons for paper delivery routes. We became aware of this situation and have taken immediate steps to sever our contractual relationship with this individual.”

You had one job paperboyman, one job!

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