Paul McCartney Joins In On The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ With Nod To Rae Sremmurd


The Internet’s latest social craze, dubbed the “Mannequin Challenge,” has pushed the boundaries of creativity to supporting social messages. Many, to the tune of Rae Sremmurd’s current hit “Black Beatles,” have reached viral status on Twitter, and this latest visual joins those ranks.

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One of the original Beatles, Paul McCartney, stopped the world when he joined in on the motionless challenge, and even gave an unforgettable shout out to the song’s creators. “Love those Black Beatles,” the award-winning musician wrote on the social media site while posing in front of his grand piano.

Others who’ve taken part in the challenge include Sec. Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff, the Dallas Cowboys, and patrons at a roller rink in Chicago, Ill.