Premiere: Toronto Act VNCHY Goes Against The Wave With “Black Diablo”

In a sea of trap rap and conscious verses against the system, Toronto rapper VNCHY is stepping up the ante with the track, “Black Diablo.”

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The artist keeps true to his dark and cinematic allure while spitting illustrious lyrics against the popular wave. In a gritty yet inviting voice, VNCHY makes it clear his presence will shake his city’s growing rap scene and beyond. Influenced by the likes of  James Blake, Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, and J. Cole, VNCHY’s dedication to progression and not trap-bait is one rarely seen from rising acts.

Speaking with VIBE via email, the 20-something spills the inspiration behind the Arthur McAruthur-produced track.

“Black Diablo is my mission statement” VNCHY said. “An acceptance of weak s**t has deeply embedded itself in the zeitgeist. A considerable amount of damage has been dealt not only to the world of reasoning but [the] execution as well.  Fighting the power has become a cliché, which has opened the door for an abundance of mediocrity. But I’ve dedicated my entire life to fighting the power.”

The track will be featured on the rapper’s debut EP, EMINENT: 002A_0316.

Get hip to VNCHY’s testimonial “Black Diablo” below.

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