President Obama Invites Donald Trump To White House To Ensure “Smooth” Transition

President Barack Obama is moving forward with grace after Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Wednesday (Nov. 9).

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After congratulating the president-elect on his win, POTUS invited Trump to the White House to discuss his presidential transition on Thursday (Nov. 10). “Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the President identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the President-elect is the next step,” the Press Office released in a statement.

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According to reports, Obama also commended Hillary Clinton, who he publicly endorsed for presidency, on the “strong campaign she waged throughout the country.” In the race against Donald Trump, the former Secretary of State concedes with 228 electoral votes. She is the fifth presidential candidate in American history to lose the White House after winning the popular vote, through which she landed 47.7 percent of voter support.

We can’t predict what will come of Obama and Trump’s sit-down, but we hope it’s an honest one that addresses the divide reflected in election results, which has left many Americans questioning the future of their country.

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