Pusha T Creates PSA In Support Of Cali’s Marijuana Bill

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Pusha T thinks a little marijuana never hurt anybody, and if California’s Proposition 64 bill signs off on legalizing the recreational use of the drug, it could possibly even save people from being incarcerated. In a new PSA, the rapper shares his thoughts in support of the pending law.

“If California’s Prop 64 passes, no one will ever be incarcerated for marijuana again,” King Push says in the PSA released at Rolling Stone. “Marijuana arrests are the engine that’s driving the war on drugs. It’s one of the number reasons why the people trying to re-enter their communities are sent back to prison.”

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The G.O.O.D. Music president also notes that passing this bill in California could result in a butterfly effect, which would ultimately help solve the country’s mass incarceration problem. “I’m not a California voter, but I know when good legislation passes in the biggest state, other states follow,” he adds. “That’s an important step in ending mass incarceration around the country.”

If passed, the California Proposition 64 law — also known as the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative — will not only reduce the number of men and women incarcerated, but also reportedly create two new tax methods, which would be spent on drug research, treatment, youth programs, and environmental initiatives, according to Ballotpedia.

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Pusha previously sat down with Senator and Vice President hopeful Tim Kaine to discuss police reform in October. While Pusha admitted that a lot has to be done to the outdated justice system to affect change, he says the decision-making for the pending marijuana bill is pretty simple. “What’s important to me is keeping people who are coming home, home,” he says in the PSA. “If ending prohibition on marijuana reduces recidivism, then let’s do it.”