Rapsody’s “Fire” Makes Our Soul Burn Slow With Thought

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The country is still in a whirlwind after this insane election 2016 (it’ll probably be even wilder if Kanye really does run in 2020), and Jamla Records’ Rapsody takes it all in and spits “Fire” for our current clouded point of view.

“Don’t matter who in the big house, we still gon’ still march and fight! Word to my people Whattup!” With Rap’ going in a staccato scat flow style, and the mellow prodding bassline hugging the drum pattern, “Fire” envelopes the message of pushing through the darkness of emotion to the light of hope and understanding. She touches on the fact that Obama made moves for the better that “they” didn’t respect and thus…here we are with the President-Elect that we have. But she assures us to fear not, we are resilient people.

The beat switch up (which will give you some Common vibes), showcases the genius of the producers Kash, Khrysis and the illmatic one, 9th Wonder.

To get the full feel of Rap’s words, read the lyrics at www.wheresyourcrown.com

Rapsody’s extended project is on deck. Stay tuned.