Rutgers University Professor Given Psych Evaluation After Anti-Trump Tweets

An adjunct professor who teaches at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. was taken to a NYC psychiatric hospital after campus police said that he made threats to kill white people who supported the President-elect, Donald Trump, via Twitter.

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According to NBC 4 New York, Kevin Allred was subsequently released from Bellevue Hospital after they conducted a mental evaluation on him. Campus police caught wind of his remarks about Trump on Twitter. writes that someone reported that Allred’s tweets regarding gun control and flag burning were also questionable.

Allred, a white gay man who created the school’s popular “Politicizing Beyonce” course, was forced to remove a tweet about the Second Amendment. In a separate tweet summarizing his thoughts, he wrote, “i said: would conservatives care as much abt the 2nd amendment if guns killed more white people? a question meant to expose double standard.” NBC 4 reports that he was sent to the hospital for “rhetorical statements” and not threats.

“so now i haven’t slept in 24 hours thanks to police intimidation & i’m headed back to teach my classes today. BUT I’M THE PROBLEM SOMEHOW?” he wrote on Twitter today (Nov. 16).

“No matter your political view, ethnicity, religious beliefs, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or nationality, you are first and foremost a Rutgers student,” wrote Rutgers President Robert Barchi in a statement. “You are owed our respect, our support, and our best efforts to keep you safe and secure as you express your opinions and pursue your studies.”

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