Premiere: SauceLord Rich Watches The Drama Unfold In His “Butter” Video

FKi’s SauceLord Rich wants to show the world that he’s got a real ride-or-die chick. After getting kidnapped by a group of mobsters, Rich’s girl has a feeling that something is going down. As her multiple phone calls and texts go unanswered, she shifts into high-gear and begins her search for Rich in his latest video for “Butter.”

The Atlanta native delivers his quasi intense visual for his single days after dropping his “Pace” video. Rich shares the official visual for his unique single fresh off his previous release Know Me King Wolf, which dropped in September. While he continues to push his 14-track mixtape, Rich also released his other mixtape Rey Lobos to focus more on himself.

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“My last project Know Me: King Wolf was for the fans,” Rich explained in an email. “I wanted to have a record for everyone. Where as Rey Lobo (King Wolf in Spanish) is all about me. My team and myself produced and recorded it in lil under a week. All the ‘suits’ were pissed because I just dropped a project In September and this made no sense. Oh well lol…”

Watch the world premiere of SauceLord Rich’s video for “Butter” below.