Shaunie O’Neal On Parenting In A Trump Era: “I’m Not Raising No Punks”

Since Donald Trump has become President-elect, America has seen a shift. The portion of the U.S. population upset with Trump’s victory has displayed feelings of distraught and hopelessness, Shaunie O’Neal, however, isn’t one of them. While she is upset with the results, she’s following the mantra: “the show must go on.”

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In response to questions regarding raising children in an openly-racist Trump era, Shaunie finds assurance in the fact that she’s “not raising no punks.”

O’neal’s oldest, Shareef, with former Laker center, Shaquille O’neal is heading off to college soon. The 6’8” power forward shares his father’s love for the game and is planning to continue to play in college. Even though a lot of the major basketball schools are in the south–which has an historic track record of maintaining a more segregated climate than any other region in the US–O’Neal isn’t worried about Shareef’s safety. She has faith in how she and Shaq have raised their kids. And when all else fails, she’s “crazy and [she’s] just a plane ride away.”

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