More Than 700 Incidents Of Hate And Racism Reported In Wake Of Trump’s Election


In the two weeks since Donald Trump pulled off one of politics’s biggest upsets, the Southern Poverty Law Center states more than 700 incidents of hate and racism have been reported since Trump became president-elect.

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On Friday (Nov. 18) the civil right’s advocacy group stated the majority of the attacks were on Muslims, African-Americans, members of the LGBT community and women, while a few were only described as “anti-Trump” attacks.

“They’ve been everywhere — in schools, in places of business like Walmart, on the street,” Richard Cohen president of the SPLC said. The reports have been compiled from the group’s #ReportHate intake page along with monitoring social media and news stories.

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The group began compiling this data Nov. 9 through Nov. 16, and is the second since Election Day. While the Southern Poverty Law Center has expressed concern over the heightened harassment, they also note a significant decrease. Nearly 65% of the incidents were reported just days after the election.

A total of 151 attacks targeted black people, while 80 targeted LGBT, 51 were geared towards Muslims and nearly 60 involved Swastikas. Anti-immigrant sentiments were at the top of the list with 206 incidents reported.

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What’s also shocking is a staggering 40% of the anti-immigrant hate took place in educational settings suck as K-12 schools and universities.