Thief Seizes Bucket Of Gold In Broad Daylight, Remains On The Loose

It looks like one New Yorker is $1.6 million richer, no thanks to the Powerball. On Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 30), the New York Police Department (NYPD) unveiled footage of a thief slyly walking down a midtown Manhattan street with a stolen pail of gold flakes weighing in at 86 pounds.

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According to DNA Info, the unnamed suspect eyed an unattended Loomis International truck, and decided to seize the moment by stealing the valuable item and taking off down W. 48th Street towards Sixth Avenue. The guards left the vehicle unattended after handling a pickup inside a nearby building. The incident happened within 20 seconds.

In a statement issued to WNBC-TV, Detective Martin Pastor said, “I think he just seen an opportunity and took the pail and walked off.” Authorities also believe the man is currently in Florida.

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Once the 5’6″ man reached 49th Street and Third Avenue, he entered a van and vanished with his stolen riches. At various points of his escape, he stopped to rest the bucket on the sidewalk before re-positioning the item to continue his trek.