Tidal Faces Lawsuit For Reportedly Prohibiting A New Mother To Breast-Pump

The music streaming giant, Tidal is being sued over reportedly prohibiting one of its employees to pump her breast in a private space after pregnancy, reports TMZ. Lisette Paulson filed a lawsuit against the company for reportedly getting fired after requesting a secluded room.

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Paulson’s lawsuit claims that Desiree Perez of Tidal denied her request for a private room, and instead suggested she use a bathroom. Allegedly, Perez got frustrated when Paulson insisted on getting her way. After the disagreement, Perez said the issue would be discussed in a meeting. However, a day after the meeting, Paulson was terminated.

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Last week, Jay Z and the company were hit with another lawsuit from Prince’s estate over streaming rights to the late musician’s work. It’s unfortunate Hov’s company is garnering a slew of legal troubles, but time will tell. Further details for this story are still pending.

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