You Don’t Even Need Singles At Trinidad James’ “Hipster StripClub”


He was gone for a minute but is he finally back with another hit?

Rapper Trinidad James just released some trippy horror visuals for his new song “Hipster Strip Club.” The video follows a storyline that starts off with an acid trip and takes us into a very intense trance. James is a personal entertainer that provies live music for a couple during a very erotic and intense sexual encounter while James raps right in front of the lovers. As he leaves before the couples reach their climax, he gets attacked by a zombiefied lady, but manages to make it out before anything bad happens.

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The beat has an EDM influenced beat with hard drums and heavy reverb effects. “Hipster Stripclub” finds the rapper expanding past the trap sound. Fans may have thought James has been laying low on the music scene since his hit single, “All Gold Everything” landed him a deal with Def Jam records.

He’s been grinding though — and quietly stacking his coins from Bruno Mars’ hit record.

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