Trump Supporter Verbally Harasses Delta Passengers In Outlandish Rant


A fan of President-elect Donald Trump went on a bizarre rant on a Delta Airlines flight this week by calling them “Hillary b****hes.”

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Taken by Facebook user Emma Baum on Friday (Nov. 25), the unknown passenger was happy to spread his love for Trump, while slamming fellow travelers in the process on a flight bound for Pennsylvania from Atlanta, Georgia. “We got some Hillary b—–s on here,” he said as passengers sat in silence. “Come on, baby! Trump! That’s what I’m talking about. He’s your president. Every goddamn one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad.” It isn’t know if anything was said to the passenger before his rant began.

The rant has been watched by just over a million people with many questions as to why the passenger wasn’t reprimanded. In the past incidents over t-shirts, tweets and even disabilities have led to airlines taking drastic measures to remove customers. Speaking to The Daily Mail, Baum says the man was “taken away by flight attendants for at least 15 minutes,” but was allowed to return to his seat despite requests for him to be removed.

Delta released a statement to NBC News announcing an investigation into the incident. “Our crews work hard to ensure flying is comfortable for all of our customers. We are currently investigating the incident,” spokeswoman Ashley Black said.

Activists and celebrities are speaking out against the incident including Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlene, who raised important points.

Watch the video below.

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