The Irony: Trump’s Poll Watcher Alleges Puerto Ricans Are The Real Invaders Of America

Trump’s wild accusations of voter fraud is something he and his followers think to be true—but only at their conveniences, of course. Comedy Central’s, The Daily Show further investigated what we mean.

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The satire program interviewed several pro-Trump folks, one of which—with a serious face—said, “Puerto Ricans and Hispanics voting in there several times. They’re not immigrants. They’re invaders.” The statement, said at a Trump Rally near voting polls, carries so much irony for different reasons: It proves that the rhetoric being preached by Trump is extremely influential in creating stigmas around the identities of Latino communities; it tells us that Trump and his followers believe Latinos to be untrustworthy and immoral; and it shows us that he believes that “Hispanics” are frauds.

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But the biggest irony of it all is the accusation of Boricuas being “invaders.” As if the U.S. didn’t invade, raid and then take over the land of Puerto Rico in 1898 with intentions of colonizing it “forever.” Never mind that Puerto Ricans are United State citizens because it is U.S. territory (read: colony), something that this Trump supporter seems to be unaware of [insert eye roll].

See for yourself: