Trump’s Name Being Removed From Building After Tenants Complain

All across the nation, people are trying to dump Trump, but this might be the most hilarious approach yet. Instead of hitting the streets with other protesters, tenants of the Trump Place in New York City, launched a petition to dump the president-elect’s name from their home, citing not wanting to be associated with his brand.

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Following the leak of Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood tape, in which he bragged about sexual assault, an estimated 600 residents of the midtown building signed a petition to remove Trump’s name from the Manhattan building, Bloomberg reports. And after hearing their cries and concerns, the landlord complied. “We are assuming a more neutral building identity that will appeal to all current and future residents,” landlord Equity Residential announced. Spokesman for the company Marty McKenna, also noted that the “contractual obligation” to brand their buildings with the Trump name had ended anyway.

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While the Trump tapes initially drove their concerns, many tenants said the added embarrassment of Trump’s campaign and his shocking victory ultimately confirmed that they made the right decision. “You know how it is in New York, everyone asks you where you live,” resident Brian Dumont told The Associated Press. “And we found ourselves just recoiling.” Trump has not responded to the reports, but he said during his 60 Minutes interview that he was not concerned with how his presidency would affect his personal brand. “I don’t care about hotel occupancy,” he said. “It’s peanuts compared to what we’re doing. Health care, making people better.”

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