Vic Mensa Weighs In On Lil Wayne’s Recent Black Lives Matter Comments

When Vic Mensa sat down for a Q&A on Reddit, he didn’t hold anything back. The 23-year-old rapper, who released his “16 Shots” video last month, spoke about Black Lives Matter and his confusion when it comes to Lil Wayne’s recent comments about the organization’s importance.

“I think it’s a very ignorant, selfish and isolated position to take. Even someone as big as Wayne is just a black man minus all of his ice and fame, and can be treated the same way.”

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The Chicago rapper is known for promoting justice between all races and argued that citizens have to elect the right people in office in order to see a change. Mensa said, “As citizens, we have to be able to elect officials that prosecute police officers for their crimes.” This is why the “No Chill” artist feels it’s his duty to vote for Hillary Clinton next Tuesday (Nov. 8).

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On the subject of his EP, There’s Alot Going On, Mensa explained that he will be getting personal in terms of relationships and feelings on his upcoming music, but will also add in some political commentary. We can expect his future project to be great due to what Mensa sighted as his top five favorite albums, ranging from Jay Z’s The Blueprint to Nirvana’s Nevermind.