Vince Staples On Donald Trump’s Win: “It Is What It Is”


Never one to mince words or change his opinion, rapper Vince Staples spoke to Power 106’s The Cruz Show to discuss the 2016 presidential election results, which will be a hot topic for a very long time.

When asked about his feelings about the President-elect Donald Trump, Staples replied that his win “makes sense.”

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“They vote, people vote,” he said. “If you vote, and somebody wins, that’s what it’s set up for. It’s fair.” He also offered a reason why he’s not surprised by the results.

“My grandma told me he was gonna win a long time ago,” he explained. “She said, ‘you n***as is crazy if you think that lady gon’ win.’ her exact sentence. But she old, so she seen it!”

He also said that he feels the American people need to try and move forward amidst the chaos.

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“I personally don’t believe that any person’s 100 percent good or 100 percent bad,” he said. “…It is what it is. It say less about him and more about just us, one another, because if you sayin’ certain things, and people agreeing with it, that’s how they feel.”

Check out his comments around the 11:40 mark.