Vince Staples Discusses ‘Watch Dogs 2′ Collaboration, Plans To Create His Own Video Game


After Ubisoft discovered that Vince Staples was a huge fan of Watchdogs’ first installment, the unlikely partnership came together very easily. “When I played the first Watch Dogs, I finished it very quickly,” Staples said. “It’s so relatable in the fact it ties the world around us into it. It’s crazy when you think about it.” Now, their new joint venture led to the 23-year-old’s GTA featured song, “Little Bit of This” to be featured in their latest game, Watch Dogs 2.

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For Ubisoft’s new feature, Watch Dogs 2 will include an online game mode, which was not available in the first edition. “There’s an online mode this year, you could get on with your homies and hack some sh*t, steal some money, there is a gun if you want to use it. But the game is set to where you don’t have to do anything,” Staples said. “It’s an open-world with a lot of side missions, you could be an Uber driver (which is his favorite feature in the game), take selfies with the Scout app, which is like a purpose Instagram. The followers you have give you control to their computers. And there’s parkour tricks which is always fun.”

For the Longbeach artist, his first introduction to the gaming world was EA’s Medal Of Honor. “That was my sh*t on PlayStation,” he said. “I think that’s the best war-game ever. That sh*t would hurt your feelings bro.” He still plays games like Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield as a hobby for Xbox and PlayStation.

CREDIT: Ubisoft

When asked if he would be open to creating his own game one day, the Prima Donna artist divulged. “Yeah I would if I knew how, I definitely have had ideas,” he said. “Just from an appreciation standpoint, a lot of things don’t have a general purpose behind them [like Watchdogs 2]. I’m open to everything. I just want to have the best opportunities outside music and within music to make certain things work. I’m a big fan of not limiting yourself in the world. There’s so many things we could do and learn from so why would you limit yourself.”

To make the best of his influence outside of music, Staples is making a difference in the world beginning with the youth. He recently launched a YMCA program of his own this year to keep kids out of trouble. “I just want to give the kids something to do. When you get bored, you get in trouble,” he said. “I just want to make sure there aren’t that many kids getting in trouble.”

CREDIT: Ubisoft

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Make sure to cop Watch Dogs 2 at all major electronic retailers when it releases, Tuesday (Nov. 15), and purchase Vince Staples’ latest EP, Prima Donna, on iTunes.