Waka Flocka Says POTUS Doesn’t Count As America’s First Black President

Waka Flocka took to Twitter Tuesday (Nov. 1) to offer his political opinion. However, the ATLien didn’t comment on the tumultuous election cycle (that’s thankfully coming to an end Nov. 9) but instead concluded Barack Obama isn’t America’s first black president.

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The “Hard In The Paint” rapper who maintains a strict vegan diet, quickly merited the digital side eye of many online, but didn’t seem to care.

Despite earning a few hundred retweets with his controversial thoughts, one user used the famous Waka Flocka gif against him.

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The 30-year-old musician recently placed his political hat in the ring opting to be the running mate for Rick Flair, with a rousing campaign slogan of #MakeAmericaWooooAgain, so maybe this his way of gaining attention for votes.

However, the Internet wasn’t pleased with Flocka attacking POTUS’ blackness, and let him know his opinions weren’t necessary in true Internet fashion. Check out some of the best responses below.