Teen Contestant Answers “What Are Those?!” During Final Jeopardy Question

A Teen Jeopardy! contestant named Sabrina found herself stumped on the “Final Jeopardy” question during her recent appearance on the show, and she decided to have a little fun with her response since she knew she wouldn’t be winning against her competitors, who had $11,600 and $24,000 totals to her $9,600.

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“Roughly half the size of Texas, it’s the largest structure made by living creatures and can even be seen from space,” read Alex Trebek of the “Final Jeopardy” question. The answer was the Great Barrier Reef.

Sabrina’s response?

“What Are…THOSE?”

If you’re not hip to what the kids are saying and doing today, “what are those?” is a meme and slogan said by those who seem to disapprove of the choice of shoes or sneakers someone has on their feet. It may have started with a video of a young man asking a police officer the question in 2015.

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Some kid even asked The Michael Jordan the question during a Q&A session at a basketball camp, to which he responded beautifully.

“What are those? These are XX9 Low’s,” he replied. Mind you, those shoes haven’t been released yet.

So, even though Sabrina left with $45 at the end of the night, she still ended up winning something- The Internet. Well done.

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