Twitter Is Going In On “What Do I Look Like I Do For A Living”


Some of ya’ll are so disrespectful, and for that, we thank you. Entering the newest Internet trend, Twitter has now engaged in a fun game of “What Do I Look Like I Do for a Living?,” and some of the memes are so funny, it actually hurts.

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The rules of the game are quite simple: upload a pic of yourself and ask the question. Followers are then able to reply to the pic on Twitter with their best guesses. Sure, this could have been a harmless, fun game, but once Black Twitter got ahold of it, they couldn’t help but turn it into a good ole roasting session. So instead of guessing and labelling people as doctors and professionals, many gamers were greeted with straight foolishness.

Check out a roundup of some of the best memes in the gallery above.

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