YG Is Handing Out “F*ck Donald Trump Bagels” At Compton Polls

Voters are getting more than just a sticker after leaving the polls in Compton today (Nov. 8). YG is giving incentive to people who are still on the fence about hitting the voting booths, by handing out “F*ck Donald Trump” bagels in Compton.

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The “Why You Always Hatin'” rapper and his non-profit organization 4 Hundred Waze partnered with Yeastie Boys Bagels for the one-time giveaway. “Go vote muhf*ckaz,” YG announced on Twitter. Of course the bagels have a special YG touch though; each breakfast pastry has been hand-rolled and dyed red, according to Pitchfork.

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YG has publicly shared his distaste for the Republican candidate in the past. In Apr. 2016, the rapper dropped his single “FDT” with Nipsey Hussle, followed by a video that was dedicated to shooting down Donald Trump for president. YG will be in Compton handing out bagels starting at 8a.m. PST.