50 Cent Remains Candid On Kanye West’s Hospitalization


Following news of Kanye West’s hospitalization due to sleep deprivation, depression, and paranoia, the Chicagoan received a wave of support from fans and peers including Q-Tip, DMX, and Chance the Rapper. Now, another artist is weighing in on Ye’s health.

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In an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, 50 Cent expressed his views on his 2007 adversary, stating that Kim Kardashian West’s robbery in October was also a central factor in “Kanye’s breakdown,” People reports. The Queens native cited that West’s mental collapse neared day-by-day. “That was interesting. I kind of felt like you could kind of see that coming,” he said. “In pieces, it was like little outbursts.”

Nine years ago, Fifty and Ye sparred on the charts with their third studio albums, Curtis and Graduation, respectively. They sought to outsell each other with the title ultimately going to West who sold 957,000 units, while Fifty’s LP pushed 691,000 copies at the time.

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The pop culture moment even garnered a cover of Rolling Stone for the pair, thrusting that competitive nature in hip-hop back into the mainstream view. “This is the most talked about release date since Fif’s first album. Since Snoop’s album dropped,” The Life Of Pablo artist said. “Now, people are going to remember this date for the rest of their life. People talk about it everyday in the barbershops, they’re talking about it at the offices, the Internet is talking about it.”

West’s half-brother, Hal Carmichael, spoke with The Sun on what he thinks triggered West’s breakdown, echoing Fifty’s statement on the Paris robbery. “I think Kanye got to a point when he was fearing for his life and for his family’s safety because of what went down in Paris,” he said. “I think it took a toll on him.”

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When Carmichael learned of the 39-year-old’s medical check-in, he said he was shocked, but automatically knew what could’ve been part of the reason. “He’s mentally exhausted because he works so hard. Since he started out in the business he has never taken a break, or stopped working,” he continued. “He’s lost it right now because he’s only human.”