Aaron Hernandez Identified As Shooter By 2012 Drive-By Survivor


A survivor of the 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston identified Aaron Hernandez as the assailant responsible for the double homicide on Tuesday (Dec. 20). Raychides Sanches pointed to the former New England Patriot tight-end when he was asked who killed Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu by Hernandez’s attorney, Jose Baez.

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Another member of Hernandez’s defense team, George Leontire, made bold claims concerning Hernandez’s jail phone calls, saying they could be getting hacked by the Russians. “It could be a Russian hacker, with all respect, like WikiLeaks, who was able to backdoor into the system, we don’t know,” he said at the pre-trial hearing, Tuesday.

Via the Boston Herald:

“What did the shooter look like?” Baez asked.”Looked like him,” Sanches replied, nodding in the direction of the defense table where Hernandez was seated. “Hernandez.”

During more than an hour of dramatic testimony, Sanches told the court he watched his two longtime friends die before his eyes. He said “there was screaming, crying, crazy.”

Asked by Baez if he was splattered with blood, Sanches responded: “Hell yeah, a lot of blood.”

Sanches was a passenger in the car stopped at a red light in Boston when an SUV pulled up. Someone from the SUV said, “What’s up, negroes?” and then opened fire on the car, reportedly.

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The other survivor of the shooting, Aquilino Freire, described the shooter as light skinned, with no beard and tattoos. Hernandez, who is already is serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, faces two counts of murder for the deaths of Furtado and de Abreu.

Both sides are scheduled to appear in court once again next week on Dec. 27.