Akon Is Reportedly Being Sued For $1 Million By A Fellow Producer

According to reports and documents obtained by TMZ, Akon is being sued by a fellow producer named Leland Clopton for unpaid royalties.

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The site reads that Clopton worked with the Konvict Kartel head honcho on a number of songs for the label, but was left hanging when it came to being compensated for a majority of the tracks he helped create with Akon since he began working with him in 2008.

“In the suit, Clopton alleges the cover-up was intentional, so Akon could keep Clopton’s royalties from himself,” TMZ writes. “He accuses Akon of a ‘pattern of racketeering activity.'” Clopton is looking to have his contract with the musician terminated as well as $1 million in damages.

Akon changed his label’s name to Konvict Kartel to celebrate the new artists he was planning on bringing under his wing, as he told us in a recent interview.

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“I think it was the perfect time to put a makeover on the label, especially the urban side of things, moving on the Konvict side and just recruit a lot of young artists, new thinkers, just people that think beyond artistry that want to take their brands to the next level,” he said.