The Apple AirPods Are Finally Available


After a brief delay, the Apple AirPods are now available online.

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Just in time for the holidays, you will have an opportunity to get your hands on the Apple AirPods, as customers finish (or jumpstart) their holiday shopping. The September release of the AirPods¬†didn’t pan out the way everyone intended as the reviews¬†for the product were filled with complaints of how strange they looked. Users with the iPhone 7 are anticipating the return of the Apple AirPods that fit perfectly with the setup for the 7, containing a shortage of a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

According to CNBC, Apple senior vice president, Phil Schiller shared the decision to nix the wires was due to convenience. “It makes no sense to tether ourselves with cables to our mobile devices,” he said. The buds will be available in Apple stores starting next week.

You can purchase the Airpods here.

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