Argentina Cuts Down On Street Harassment With New Law


Street harassment will no longer be tolerated in Argentina’s capital city.

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This week, Buenos Aires introduced a new law created with women’s safety in mind. Perpetrators of unwanted physical or verbal behavior, including sexual comments and unsolicited physical contact, will be hit with a $60 fine, La Nacíon reports.

By introducing the bill, Buenos Aires legislator Pablo Ferreyra denounced the prevalence of street harassment in the city as in the nation. According to reports, 97 percent of Argentine women have been victims of such abuse, with more than 50 percent citing their first piropo by age 15.

“All people have the right to move freely and with the confidence that they won’t be [violated], regardless of the context, their age, the time of day, or the clothes they wore,” Ferreyra said. “Human rights do not depend and aren’t dictated by environment. Some manifestations of street harassment is seen as folkloric or traditional, which shouldn’t be an argument used to tolerate this violation. Violence cannot be proudly sponsored by any society.”

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