Azealia Banks Writes Vicious And Crass Open Letter To Nicki Minaj, The Barbs Promptly Attack


Fans of Azealia Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to defend their beloved. The Harlem emcee has made headlines once again not for her talent (which to the surprise of many she has a lot of) but because of what she’s said. On Tuesday morning (Dec. 20) Banks took to Facebook to write a vicious and crass open letter to Nicki Minaj. In the letter, the 25-year-old tells the Pinkprint artist to loose weight in her butt, and that her body sometimes makes high-end clothes look cheap.

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Fortunately for Nicki, her unwavering fans base which she lovingly refers to as The Barbs caught wind of Banks’ letter before it was deleted and defended their “Black Barbie.” Banks tried to play it off as a joke, but Nicki’s fans didn’t see anything LOL worthy about it.

The recent one-sided feud (because it doesn’t look like Ms. Minaj will be responding because she never responds to Azealia Banks) is assumed to have started because of Nicki Minaj’s mobile app Nicki Minaj: The Empire. In the app, there’s a character likened after Banks named Fan2Sea. In 2012, Banks released a mixtape entitled Fantasea.

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Banks, who no longer has a Twitter account due to her feud with Skai Jackson and several unsavory comments she made about Zayn Malik, continued to update her Facebook page and thank the Internet for the SEO push and mentions she’s receiving.

If Banks was trying to get a reaction out of Nicki, it doesn’t seem to be effective. We’re just going to assume that what Nicki said during an old interview with Angie Martinez is how she’s handling this current situation.

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