Beyonce Is Being Sued For Her “Drunk In Love” Video

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Some people just don’t want Beyonce to win. Dwayne Walker, the man who claims he designed the original Roc-A-Fella logo, has filed a lawsuit against Beyonce for the use of his design in her 2013 video with Jay Z, “Drunk In Love.”

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According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Walker says he owns the rights to the Roc logo and did not give permission of its use in Bey’s video. Although the logo only seems to show up once on Jay Z’s pendant, Walker believes he deserves a pay cut for its unauthorized appearance in the steamy black and white clip. And even though Jay is the one rocking the chain, the rapper’s name was not mentioned in the suit, TMZ reports.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Walker has tried to make a buck off of his logo design. In 2012, Walker sued Jay Z and Dame Dash for $7 million, accusing the former business partners of copyright infringement. Luckily for Jay and Dame, a judge threw the case out, ruling that a contract that Walker reportedly signed 20 years prior, prohibited him from collecting any royalties for the logo’s use. He may have lost the war, but it looks like he’s hoping not to strike out with the new lawsuit.

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While Beyonce’s scored a number of great honors in 2016, she’s also had her fair share of legal battles. Following the release of her visual album, Lemonade, filmmaker Matthew Fulks accused the singer of lifting elements of her video from his short film Palinoia. But the case was dismissed after a judge realized the two works had nothing to do with each other. It’s likely that Walker’s recent lawsuit will reach a similar fate, since the court turned a blind eye to his last case concerning the logo in the past. But who knows, maybe second time’s a charm.