Black Eyed Peas Member Taboo Talks Keeping Cancer Diagnosis Secret: “I Needed Time To Heal”


Now that he’s made it to the other side of testicular cancer,  Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, is ready to go on the record about battling the disease. In a recent interview with TMZ Live, the 41-year-old recording artist spoke about “spreading awareness and being a part of the fight,” and his decision to keep his diagnosis and treatment private.

“I needed time to heal,” Taboo said. “I spoke to my wife and family about the importance of healing, mentally, physically, spiritually… I needed to heal before I told my story.”

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“It took me two years to really get back to knowing that I was able to do that,” he added.

The Grammy winner made it clear that he didn’t intend on hiding the health battle. “This is just the way I did it, I have no real main explanation for it, there was no plan,” he shared. “I wasn’t trying to make this something where I would be open with it because I wasn’t ready. When they told me I had cancer, I thought I was going to die.”

Taboo has since found a platform in the American Cancer Society, a relationship which he said happened “organically.”

He’s also released a new single called “The Fight,” a record that’s not just about cancer.  “Whatever fight you’re going through I think this is the anthem,” he explained.

Besides his personal health, Taboo, who is Native American and Mexican-American, discussed traveling to Standing Rock in protest of the Dakota Pipeline construction. As a father, and proud member of the Shoshone Tribe, it was important to support the #NoDAPL movement.

“I actually went to the frontline to be with my brothers at Standing Rock,” he said calling the trip the most “eye-opening positive experience” of his life, before explaining that cancer taught him not to sweat the “small stuff.”

“Going to Standing Rock reinforced that thought,” he said.

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