Of Course, Racists Are Angry That The Mall Of America Hired A Black Santa


Last week, the Mall Of America announced that they would be hiring Larry Jefferson, a black veteran, to play Santa Claus during their annual “Santa Experience.” While many were excited at the idea that Santa Larry would be bringing much-needed yuletide cheer to all during an awful 2016, the racists of the Internet unleashed their anger at the fact that there’s a black man playing a fictional character.

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“St. Nicholas is white,” a commenter wrote at the bottom of a Minnesota CBS article about Santa Larry. “And the big deal is the double standard. White people get stabbed by blacks for cultural appropriation, last I checked they claimed to have a monopoly on hair braiding so keep their hands off Santa.”

A Yahoo user wrote of Santa Larry, “No…this is political correctness gone too far. Can you imagine a “white” Jesse Jackson or a “white” Muhammad Ali?” while a Facebook user commented, “I bet he climbs down chimneys and steals people’s presents.” Of course, the N-word and other racial epithets were thrown around, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune had to turn off their comments on the article, because things were getting too heated.

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Others defended Jefferson, writing that since Santa is not real, he can’t be a designated color. They’re absolutely right; aside from the trademark round tummy like a bowl full of jelly, rosy cheeks, big white beard and naturally sweet disposition, Santa can be whatever color you want.