California Bans Prodigy’s Prison Cookbook From Jails Over ‘Hooch’ Recipe


Rapper and sometimes chef Prodigy is enjoying the success of his cookbook, Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, but California isn’t pleased with one of its recipes.

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TMZ reports the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation issued a letter to the rapper’s publishing group, banning the creative cookbook. Released in October, the rapper shared a mix of recipes he learned in an effort to eat “healthy” in prison. The recipes included barbecue salmon, prison potstickers and sweet potato pie. One that stuck out with readers was P’s Prison Sangria, known to many as hooch.

The letter explains the “inmate manufactured alcohol” is their reason behind the ban. Prodigy posted the letter on his Instagram on Wednesday (Dec. 21), unbothered by the news.

Prodigy previously told TMZ Live the recipes helped him with his sickle cell. After discovering the unhealthy and alarming dangers of prison meals, the rapper would receive over 30 pounds of green vegetables from his family to eat with his meals. He also hopes the meals will help the college crowd who don’t have full access to a kitchen. The rapper isn’t the only one to put together a cookbook over his experience.

Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange Is The New Black shared a recipe for prison cheesecake, comprised of lemon juice, pudding mix and graham crackers. There’s also Artie Cuisine’s Jailhouse Cookbook: The Prisoner’s Recipe Bible that shares how to make gourmet meals with minimal resources.


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