Once Again, Charlamagne Tha God Pissed Off The Internet


Charlamagne Tha God has an uncanny ability to pluck the nerves of the Internet, so much so, within moments his name began to trend Tuesday night (Dec. 6) when he made what some believe were inflammatory comments about black and Latino women in media.

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“The Breakfast Club” talking head has been at the center of controversy for the past few days due to photos of him and “The Blaze” conservative host Tomi Lahren surfacing online.  Lahren was in Manhattan last week and sat down with “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, and was originally scheduled to appear on Power 105.1  but canceled last minute. Noah and Charlamagne merited the ire of many, including Hot 97’s Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg for their “canoodling” with the 24-year-old.

Despite Charlamagne’s tweet, many were livid, including MTV’s “Decoded” host Franchesca Ramsey who took to Twitter to highlight the many black and brown women who do exactly what Charlamagne alleged isn’t happening.

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Ramsey goes onto name more women like Janet Mock, New York Times Bestselling Author, Luvvie as well as Muslim author and media titan Amani-Al-Khatahbeh. While Ramsey was polite in her approach to poke holes in Charlamagne’s argument, the rest of the Internet was not.

Some might argue Charlamagne has a point, while others might say he’s strong and wrong. Where do you fall in the court of public opinion?