Premiere: SRF SCHL’s Downtown Dion Debuts Short Film, “Only”

NYC’s Lower East Side has birthed many strong individuals in hip-hop culture. SRF SCHL’s newest member Downtown Dion is just one of those faces. From his new project Swoop Dreams, the former baller takes matters into his own hands in the VIBE premiere for “Only.”

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The Harry Fraud composed single is given a whole new life in the suspenseful new video. “Only” is an impressively shot caper flick disguised as a music video, as Dion assumes the role of a crafty bandit on the edge.

“I want the video to show that at the end of the day, I’m not going to let anyone or anything get in the way of my dreams,” Dion tells VIBE about the video. “The money is symbolic for my dreams. There are always people out there that are looking to get in the way of your dreams. The dreamkillers! You can’t let them. The song “Only” to me is the start of something historic, the start of a unique sound from Harry and myself. Swoop Dreams is bigger than just a mixtape, its a campaign, its a movement.”

Directed by Altrac Productions.