Elley Duhe Delivers Captivating Melodies On “Immortal”


Alabama’s Elley Duhe recently dropped an intriguing new song that encourages us all to be resilient — and continue to push through life’s many, many adversities entitled “Immortal”.

The Los Angeles transplant gives us an electric, hip-hop influenced track that tells a story of empowerment, despite the fact that there “ain’t no love in the jungle”. Its pulsating deep bass and synth-laced instrumental provides a memorable soundscape to match Duhe’s captivating melodies that will give you goosebumps.

“Immortal isn’t about living forever in a literal sense; it’s about never dying mentally, and about human resiliency, loyalty, pushing through life’s darkest moments and emerging with even more strength than you had before. It’s about knowing your value even if you’re at rock bottom, and, most importantly, it’s about the people who truly fight with you, for you, and beside you when everyone else is nowhere to be found,” says Elley.

Listen to the amazing record right here.