City Of Flint Reportedly Files Motion Against Mandatory Water Delivery


The state of Michigan isn’t alone in its fight against a federal court order requiring door-to-door water delivery to Flint residents in need. According to MLive, the city of Flint has also filed a motion against the ruling issued by U.S. District Judge David M. Lawson, citing a lack of resources required to comply on Tuesday (Nov. 29).

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While the city cited commitment to a “massive recovery effort” designed to address the water crisis and protect Flint residents, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is concerned about the decision to align with the state, which deemed providing four cases of bottled water per resident a “herculean effort” last month.

“The state is spending its time litigating instead of assuring safe water for its residents,” said NRDC’s Midwest program director Henry Henderson.

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NRDC attorney Sarah Tallman agrees, noting that the water crisis is bound to intensify as the upcoming season ushers in. “Winter is approaching, and as temperatures drop, residents’ struggles to hunt down daily drinking water will worsen,” she wrote in her brief. “State officials’ own witness admitted that Flint’s tap water remains unsafe. Any further delay in ensuring adequate access to safe water is too long. A stay should not issue.”


NRDC has shared court documents of the ruling with VIBE, outlining the safety precautions that must take place to ensure Flint’s residents are delivered clean water. Henry Henderson, NRDC’s Director of the Midwest Program, also issued a statement on the matter.

“Despite the State’s efforts to delay providing Flint residents with safe water, the district court confirmed what it already found last month—that people in Flint still need help. We ask the City and State to stop fighting the federal court order and focus on providing safe drinking water to every person in Flint Michigan, as is their right.” ~ Henry Henderson, Director of the Midwest Program for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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