CeeLo Green Introduces Alter Ego Gnarly Davidson With “F**k Me, I’m Famous”


Cee Lo Green is looking to expand his musical repertoire with an alter ego he likes to call Gnarly Davidson. After his fake exploding cellphone video incident, the singer debuts his new persona.

“In the words of Iggy Pop, and I quote…Look out honey cause I’m using technology…Ain’t got time to make no apology,” Cee Lo says. “Well in that case I may as well be called TECHNOLOJESUS !!! But you can call me GNARLY DAVIDSON FOR SHORT.

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The Grammy award winning artist says fans of his previous work shouldn’t worry, though. He plans to include something for everyone on his forthcoming project.

“My disciples will dance and worship the sound I talk on,” exaplaing Gnarly. “You see? Audacity is the first instinct of art itself and with a lil’ jolt of juxtaposition the flat line will again become a vital sign FOR I HAVE GIVEN LIFE to living dead. Soon and very soon… IM GOING TO BE FAMOUS! FUCK ME.”

Can we also get a new Gnarles Barkley album?