Interview: A$AP Ferg Talks ‘Trap Lord’ Line, Grammys Snub & New Year’s Resolution


A$AP Ferg’s Trap Lord brand has expanded past just t-shirts and hats this year. What started out as some simple rapper merch is now a full fledged clothing line that includes cut & sew pieces — and an exclusive adidas sneaker collaboration.

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We caught up with the Harlem artist at his Fancy x Traplord pop-up shop last Thursday (Dec 8) for a sneak peek at the new collection. Ferg drew inspiration for the line from his personal style, which includes a dash of Puff Daddy in the 90s, Master P and of course the late A$AP Yams. He also promises a new sneaker with adidas is in the works for 2017.

Still Striving is on its way, that’s a continuation of Always Strive and Prosper. I’m never going to stop,” says Ferg about his next LP. Although his sophomore album, Always Strive And Prosper, was noticeably snubbed during the 2016 Grammy nominations, he’s already ready to release another one.

“The Grammys ain’t for us, the Grammys ain’t for the culture. We need to make our own Grammys.” You know what my Grammy is; it’s when these kids come out to my shows. Me being able to do what I do is everyday is my Grammy.”

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Ferg isn’t letting major award shows bring him down, he also reveled that he is cooking up something major with Harlem legend, Cam’ron. Along with Trey Songz, Killa Cam also showed up to support the A$AP rapper at is Trap Lord event.

When it comes to a New Year’s Resolutions, Ferg explained that he is going to work on balancing his professional career with his personal life. “I need to learn how to rest, I don’t rest at at all,” admits Ferg. “I’m not trying to check into no “crazyhouse” from not getting no sleep or some shit. I gotta learn how to take a chill-pill, and just like how we can work everyday — we gotta learn how to enjoy family, learn how to take vacations — and put that in the schedule as well. Just like [how] you rushing for that bag or whatever, sometimes you gotta take a little bit of that money so you can enjoy a piece of mind.”

He continues: “I got one life to live, for real. You have to take advantage of life, every second of it,” says Ferg with conviction. “You never know what’s going to happen. I think about Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Genghis Kahn, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney — all these people. I want to be remembered for a trillion years. I want to be as famous as Jesus and have the impact of God.”

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