Iris Morales Gives Voice To Women Of The Young Lords ‘Through The Eyes Of Rebel Women’


When interviewed for a New York Times article in 1970, Iris Morales had this to say about women of the Young Lords: “We do everything that the brothers do.”

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In her new book, Through the Eyes of Rebel Women: The Young Lords, 1969-1976the first woman to join the Puerto Rican nationalist group stands by her word.

Morales is well known for bringing Young Lords history to the forefront in her 1996 documentary, ¡Palante Siempre Palante!, which holds a special place on the New York Public Library’s Black Power 50 list 20 years later.

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However, after reading an El Diario de la Prensa piece titled, “Mujeres of the Young”, the activist unlocked her desire to expand the narrative of women in the movement through her latest endeavor, Remezcla reports. “I reached out to former members,” she wrote in her book. “‘This might be the last chance for a first-hand women’s account,’ I [told them], ‘an opportunity to expand the historical narrative about the Young Lords.’ Our experiences varied depending on when, where, and why we joined, and the particular work we did. Only a few women had written about their involvement, and memories were rapidly fading. I wanted to document the story as we had lived it, through its ups and downs from the early formative days in New York City through its demise.”

To learn more about Through the Eyes of Rebel Women, fans can interact with Iris Morales at her book signing hosted by UpRose BK on Dec. 10.

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