Mets Pitcher Jeurys Familia Has Domestic Violence Case Dropped


The assault charge stemming from the domestic violence related arrest of Mets pitcher Jeurys Familia was dropped Thursday (Dec. 15), by a New Jersey Municipal court judge. The prosecutor indicated that there was not enough evidence to move the case to trial. There is still no telling what kind of punishment the MLB will shell out to the great closer.

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“I’m happy the case is resolved,” said Familia’s defense attorney, Paul Brickfield.

Familia had been arrested Oct. 31 after allegedly causing scratches to his wife’s chest and a bruise on her right cheek. The complaint filed stated that law enforcement “found probable cause to believe that domestic violence had occurred.”

Bianca Rivas, Familia’s wife, was persistent that the charges be dropped, as she pleaded to the prosecutors of her husband’s innocence.

Three major league players have been disciplined under the MLB’s domestic violence policy, which was collectively bargained into the CBA and ratified on August 21, 2015. Those who have been suspended include: Aroldis Chapman (30 games), Jose Reyes (51 games) and Hector Olivera (82 games).

Familia led the majors with 51 saves in 2016 and added an All-Star appearance to his resume. The ball is in the MLB’s court to decide the fate of the Dominican star for the 2017 season. The New York Post reports the MLB is still expected to put a hefty suspension on the New York Met before spring training begins.